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Why we love the Mercedes AMG E63 S Estate

Out of all the iconic carmakers to have existed, Mercedes are one of the most prestigious and iconic brands. Known for their high-quality, smartly built cars with luxury interiors, they have been driven by the rich and famous and coveted by the less rich, less famous.

One of our favourites they’ve made is the Mercedes AMG E63 S Estate. It epitomises everything that we love about the famous car brand. So what is it about the AMG E63 that makes it so fantastic?

The looks

The AMG E63 Estate is a beautiful car to look at. With its long sleek shape and the beautiful, iconic Mercedes styling, it’s a car that any driver would be proud to have on their driveway or parked in the office car park. Our preference is for white, but whatever colour you choose, it really is a stunner.

The performance

It’s not just beautiful to look at. It’s also an absolute joy to drive. Want speed? The car will go from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds. 604bhp means that when you put the foot down, you feel like your about to take off. It’s 4-litre twin turbo V8 engine is one of the most efficient on the market.

Handling? It doesn’t feel like you’re driving a long, unwieldy estate. Instead, you have a lot of control as you attack turns and corners, thanks to the well-balanced handling and the four-wheel drive. It’s nine-speed automatic gearbox also means you can focus more on taking the perfect line than having to shift up and down gear.

The technology

The interior of the AMG E63 Estate would probably feel like a spaceship to drivers a few decades ago. Ergonomic design means everything has been placed perfectly so you never lose focus on the road.

Most of the controls you need are on the steering wheel, so you can change radio station, answer phone calls, even adjust the climate control. The clear and bright display shows you how fast you’re driving, the mileage left in the tank, and will notify you of any major issues with the engine, tyres or performance that need a trip to the garage to fix.

The comfort

A car that looks amazing and has a beast of an engine would be nothing without a comfortable ride, and this is where the AMG E63 really excels. The two front seats are ‘AMG Performance Seats’. These seats can be adjusted to give you the perfect, comfortable driving position. You can adjust the height of the seat cushions and back rests, changing the angle for comfortable leg position. They help keep your body nice and comfortable as you cruise around town or tear up the motorway.

There is plenty of interior space, so those in the backseats won’t feel too boxed in. You can comfortably fit four adults in the car, and even have enough space for a little one in the back middle seat.

Add to this the decent sized boot space, and you have everything you need for a fantastic estate that ticks all the right boxes.

Mercedes  08/01/2019 09:41:26

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