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Will You Pass Your Theory Test First Time


It’s truly an exciting time as we gradually inch closer towards getting our drivers licence. Getting out on the road evokes a sense of freedom, independence and sometimes adventure. It can also feel quite stressful at times, especially our first couple of outings. As with everything, the more we practice the more we improve and feel our confidence grow.



One roadblock that stands in the way to driving freedom is the dreaded theory test. No one likes exams at the best of times and failure causes you annoying setbacks. For this reason, it is essential to be as prepared as we can to pass the theory test without any hiccups.



Start by getting your hands on the current Highway Code. Digest this information for at least a week; the book should become your bible. At times the test questions can seem like they have more than one correct answer, understand their way of thinking to easily pass the test.



Next complete online practice theory tests, as many times as you can bear. Don’t rely on out-dated books, check out the many free online resources. At first you may fail or scrape by but ensure you always review to learn the correct answers. You will quickly become familiar with the questions and style of answers, but keep repeating until you can pass without a hitch. Now when you step into the exam room you immediately recognise most questions and answer them with little effort.



So you think you might be ready? First you should see how you fare with these example questions detailed below:



Question 1



Which one of the following is the correct use of hazard warning lights?



A.When you are double parked on a two way road



B.When warning oncoming traffic that you intend to stop



C.When your vehicle is broken down and causing an obstruction



D.When your directional indicators have stopped working



Question 2



You are driving on single carriageway when a red van suddenly pulls out from a slip road and cuts ahead in front of you. Which one of the following should you do?



A.Flash your headlights multiple times



B.Drop back to leave the correct separation distance



C.Accelerate to get closer to the red van



D.Give a long blast on the horn



Question 3



You are just about to descend a steep hill. To keep control over your vehicle speed which one of the following would be correct?



A.Choose a low gear and use the brakes carefully



B.Choose a high gear and use the brakes carefully



C.Choose a high gear and use the brakes firmly



D.Choose a low gear and avoid using the brakes at all



Question 4



You are at the scene of a severe road accident. A driver is now unconscious, which three things should be your main priorities?



A.Stop any excessive bleeding



B.Take the names of witnesses



C.Ensure they are still breathing



D.Make sure their airway is unobstructed



E.Make note of the vehicles involved



F.Clear any debris and broken glass from the road






Question 1 = C



Question 2 = B



Question 3 = A



Question 4 = A, C, D



If you found these questions easy you have already made great progress. If not you simply need to spend some more time with the practice theory tests. Good luck!


Driving Tips  15/05/2015 10:38:02

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