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Winter safety check for cars on offer

Winter safety check for cars on offer Image

The number of roadside mechanical breakdowns almost doubles during winter months, according to the AA, and Micheldever/Protyre is now offering a simple winter safety check at any of its 59 UK retail outlets.

Tyres are deemed the most important safety component of a vehicle, but the extra use of lights, windscreen wipers and heaters in the winter months means the car's battery also faces additional demand.

The battery condition is a key aspect of the company's safety check, in addition to other vital components to ensure that people stay safe on the road over winter, including checks on wiper blades and tyres for tread depth and pressures.

Cold conditions can mean that the battery runs down more quickly in the winter and fails to supply the power required, as the chemical reaction that generates the current in the battery slows down.

Equally, a blown fuse may occur if you attempt to use wiper blades that are frozen to the windscreen, a common occurrence. Also, the rubber in the blades can degrade in cold weather and will then not clear rain and snow effectively.

Tyre Insurance  04/12/2012 17:00:01

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