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Winter tyres vs all season tyres

The bad winter weather is on its way and we will once again be forced to brave potentially treacherous roads. Whether they are covered in snow or ice, the chances are our cars are not ready for the severe weather conditions. One way to counteract this is by changing to winter tyres. But are they worth it?

Winter tyres

If you live in the countryside or in a quiet area, there may not be as much coverage from the council gritter lorries as you would find in a more built up location. Icy roads can be extremely dangerous, but it’s not always possible to avoid heading out. It could be an emergency, you might need to get to work, or simply need some supplies.

Winter tyres will give you more grip in these dangerous conditions. So if you think you might have no choice about whether you drive in bad weather, it might be worth investing in some winter tyres. The extra grip will also be a bonus in slightly better weather if you live in the countryside.

All season tyres

Most drivers will be able to avoid bad weather. If there is snow or ice on the streets, the advice is always to stay off the roads and inside your nice warm home. But would winter tyres give you an extra bit of protection?

Any extra grip will prove to be handy in the winter season but will be a waste in the warmer months. Changing tyres from one to the other can also be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. And paying someone to do it isn’t always an option financially. If you can be careful and avoid the road in bad weather, it’s best to stick with tyres that work all year round. 

Car Care Tips  27/11/2018 09:11:43

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