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World's Strangest Police Cars

The 52 Police Forces in the UK use an array of vehicles, from powerful estates to armoured police carriers. But are there any wackier alternatives out there?

We did a bit of digging and found everything from tractors to a hearse. Yep - these are some seriously strange choices of police vehicles…

1. Lamborghini supercar

The prize for the coolest police vehicle has to go to Italy after Lamborghini gifted the force the Gallardo LP560-4. Yes that’s right; Italy’s State Police can now drive around in a supercar! It goes up to 203mph so pesky criminals are very unlikely to outrun them.

2. Global Electric Motor Car

A bit less speedy is Brighton’s Global Electric Motor. It might lack the cool factor of Italy’s Gallardo LP560-4, but it’s certainly a bit more environmentally friendly, and given the towns eco credentials we can understand why! Nicknamed The Gem, the car was trialled by the Sussex Police in a bid to cut down on the pollution involved in patrolling the streets. However, with a top speed of 28 mph, it’s not going to be the vehicle of choice for apprehending criminals.

3. Pedal Powered Patrol

PC Keith Walker wanted a vehicle that would allow him to visit all the surrounding small villages and towns and which wouldn’t damage the environment. His answer? A homemade pedal-powered patrol car! It has a siren, flashing blue light and can reach a top speed of 20 mph! It cost over £1,000 to produce, has full Hampshire Constabulary livery and even has a roll bar to help protect the driver in an accident. The force told The Telegraph that even when pedalling as fast as they can, they are unlikely to be able to catch anyone other than “those with a Zimmer frame.” PC Keith Walker also mentioned there had been several comparisons between him and Mr Plod from Noddy. We’re saying nothing.

4. John Deere Tractor

The John Deere 6630 was acquired by the Lincolnshire Police force as part of Operation Fusion, an initiative against rural crime. It’s hoped the blue and yellow five-ton tractor will help bring rural criminals to justice. At a cost of £50,000 the force are lucky that the tractors’ manufacturer have loaned it to them, though will obviously have to pay the running costs. Whilst the tractor won’t be used on a daily basis, it will come in handy in the event of a flood or other such disaster. 

5. Electric BMW

The Los Angeles Police Department have added a modified version of the BMW i3 electric car to their fleet of cruisers. It has the same monochrome design as the rest of the fleet and even features their infamous motto “to protect and to serve”. The car is mainly going to be used for research and PR purposes.

6. A hearse

Perhaps one of the strangest vehicles that the police have used can be found in Toronto – a hearse. Used as part of a campaign to highlight the dangers of texting whilst driving, the hearse rather effectively underlines their point. It is an issue the city takes very seriously and tickets for distracting driving can reach $280. 

published: 17/11/2015 09:22:26

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