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Worst day' on British roads looms

Worst day' on British roads looms Image

A study has predicted that Saturday September 1 will be the worst day of the year for road accidents in the UK.

The major factor identified was the expected surge in traffic caused by the return of holidaymakers.

On the same date last year there were 40% more accidents than on an average day, and because the date falls on a Saturday this year the accident toll is expected to be even higher.

The study has been published by AXA Insurance and the firm's motor director, Sarah Vaughan, said: "Every year we see a surge of accidents at this time of year as people head back after the August bank holiday, or return home after their summer holidays.

"However, we are particularly concerned this year that the 'bogey' date of 1 September also falls on a Saturday which is traditionally a big switch-over day for holidaymakers."

Drivers are requested to be especially vigilant. Ms Vaughan added: "We would urge all motorists to take special care driving home and plan their journey to eliminate the stresses that often cause needless accidents."

Vehicle Warranty  28/08/2012 17:00:00

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