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Wrong fuel put in supermarket pumps

Wrong fuel put in supermarket pumps Image

A leading supermarket chain has been forced to apologise to customers after a tanker driver put diesel into petrol pumps at one of its filling stations by mistake.

Tesco has said sorry and offered to pay for any mechanical breakdowns that the error has caused after the wrong fuel was put into pumps at the garage at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire last Thursday.

The supermarket giant said that it would take time to establish exactly how many people have been affected by the mistake but it is thought that around 25 motorists have had issues and a Tesco spokesman confirmed that it is arranging repairs.

"There has been an isolated incident where a small number of customers received the wrong fuel when filling up at our store," he said.

"We are in contact with customers affected to apologise and arrange any necessary repairs to their vehicles."

Clearly, putting the wrong fuel in your car could invalidate the Vehicle Warranty but Tesco insists that it does not have any general issue with fuel contamination. An AA spokesman has revealed that it is the second time in a month that the error has been made at different forecourts.

"It seems to be happening more often than we'd expect," said Luke Bosdet of the AA.

"It's very irritating to find that your car has conked out and it does take time to drain the tank. But supermarkets tend to be very good at dealing with the problem."

Car Warranty  20/06/2012 17:00:00

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