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Young Drivers Unimpressed by Car Insurance Rip off

Young Drivers Unimpressed by Car Insurance Rip off Image

Young drivers in the United Kingdom may not have a problem with taking out a Motor Warranty on their vehicles, but they are decidedly unimpressed with the cost of car insurance, labelling it a 'rip-off'. Leading insurance broker Swinton commissioned what is being called the biggest survey of young drivers in the United Kingdom ever undertaken, and the results show that as many as 73% of drivers below the age of 25 regard car insurance costs as a rip-off that is beginning to interfere with their social lives.

2,900 young drivers were questioned in the survey, which revealed that 27.10% have driven their parents' car without having their own insurance, or at least know of other young drivers who do so. More than 70% believe that owning a motor vehicle is a key part of becoming an adult, with over 90% believing a car allows them to be independent, but more than 50% also believe that motoring costs are nothing short of a 'rip-off'. 

The cost of car insurance for those aged between 17 and 25 has skyrocketed in recent times, with recent reports claiming that the average premiums for young men are now £4,000 per annum, with young women paying  £2,000 a year.

94.73% of those surveyed claim that the cost of car insurance is impacting in a negative way on their social lives, while as many as 63.93% complain that they are used as a taxi service by friends who do not have their own vehicles.

Insurance  10/11/2011 14:00:00

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