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Your ultimate spring cleaning guide

Winter is finally coming to an end and many of us will be opening the windows to let in some of that fresh air. Now might also be the perfect time to have a thorough spring clean. And as many of us will have a lot more time on our hands, we should take advantage and give our motors some TLC. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to giving your car a good clean this spring.

Wait for a sunny day

This is quite possibly the most difficult part to get right. British weather is notoriously changeable. What could start out as a beautiful spring day, could easily end with torrential rain and plenty of gloom. So you need to have a look at the forecast and try to find a day that’s a) dry and b) sunny.

Give yourself time to do it right

You should also make sure you clear your schedule so that you can dedicate the time you need to ensure your car is spotless. Having to rush things will mean the job isn’t done properly, or you will only get a proportion of the cleaning done. Set aside the hours you need to do a proper job. And make sure you don’t have to go and use your car immediately after you’ve finished as 1) you won’t give your car time to dry, and 2) if you get your car dirty straight away, all that hard work will go to waste.

Time to take the carpets out

First, you should do the car interior. Take the carpets out of the car and give them a good beating, somewhere away from your car and your house. All the grime and debris you’ve picked up over the winter will be hard to shift. If you have some carpet cleaner, give the carpets a good clean too. Then leave them somewhere to dry.

Now the carpets are out, get your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning out the footwells, beneath the seats, and the upholstery itself. You may want to have a reach down between the cushions to see if anything has fallen down there. If you have kids, be prepared for something sticky and disgusting!

If you have any dust cloths, give the upholstery and dashboard a good wipe down too.

Wash your car

Now you can turn your attention to the exterior. Get a bucket and a sponge, fill with some warm soapy water. Do not use washing up liquid – this will leave streaks. Use some proper car cleaning fluid designed for bodywork.

Hose the car down first, getting all the surfaces nice and wet and removing any dirt that’s stuck to the car. Then start sponging. Do circular motions all across the bodywork and windows. Once you’ve washed the entire bodywork, start hosing off all the soapy water. Your car should now be gleaming!

Finish with the tyres

Now give your tyres some attention. Cleaning the tread is a good opportunity to take a look and see if there is any wear and tear. Check the depth and decide whether you need to change the tyres for something safe. Finish off your spring clean by doing the alloys or hub caps.

Car Buying Tips  01/04/2020 09:55:33

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