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Why choose Go Car Warranty?

We outline below the top 5 reasons why you should choose Go Car Warranty to provide warranty for your car.

Should you wish to compare us against other car warranty companies, we have provided a list below of all the benefits of taking out car warranty cover with Go Car Warranty. We have created a helpful diagram to compare our cover levels.

Top 5 reasons for choosing Go Car Warranty
  1. 60 second application process
  2. Over 10 years experience in handling warranty claims
  3. Comprehensive cover
  4. 30 day cooling off period

Instant cover*

We believe that one of the main benefits of choosing our car warranty company is instant cover. With Go Car Warranty you can literally insure and GO! As soon as you purchase a policy online you will be able to download your documents and are covered straight away.

*The vehicle must have a current warranty or be a from a VAT registered garage new purchase and serviced within manufacturer recommendations together with a minimum of 3 months MOT left on the vehicle.

Unlimited mileage

We want you to enjoy the flexibility of our services, so whatever distances you travel you will be covered with Go Car Warranty. Our policies will not expire once you’ve reached a certain mileage.

Unlimited claims

As an established car warranty company, we understand that problems can occur when you least expect them, and even if you have suffered a mechanical breakdown during your policy term, we will still cover you again and again - for an unlimited number of claims.

Claim up to the value of your car in repairs

With Go Car Warranty you can literally claim up to the value of your vehicle in repairs. If a part breaks and it's covered we will pay! Other car warranty companies may not be able to offer this level of cover.

1,2,3 year car warranty cover periods

Choose the term of your cover from 12, 24 or 36 months, whichever is best suited to you.

Franchise or network repairer for no extra cost

We understand that it may be important for you to get your car repaired by its manufacturer/approved repairer, and unlike some car warranty companies, we wont charge you more for getting what you want and will pay up to £75 per hour for labour.

Overnight accommodation and rail fares

In the event of a valid claim, we will pay up to £60 towards hotel expenses or a return rail ticket if your vehicle breaks down and you are unable to return home.

Vehicle Recovery

We will pay up to £65 towards the cost of towing the vehicle to the nearest repairer if your vehicle breaks down.

Subject to terms and conditions.

Vehicle replacement

We will pay up to £30 per day for 7 days for a replacement vehicle should your car break down.

Subject to terms and conditions.

European Cover

European cover applies to Comprehensive and Premier Plus policies only.

No hidden extras

Unlike other car warranty companies we make no extra charge for the high risk parts that often go wrong like air conditioning, anti lock braking, turbo charger and four wheel drive.


Your premium quoted on Go Car Warranty is the total cost for your policy. We are aware of the need to budget and that's why we can offer 10 instalments. Please ask your advisor for details when arranging the policy.

National Repair Network

Although you can use any VAT registered garage to repair your car under warranty, we can also refer you to our nationwide nominated repairer network. We have inspected these garages and approve of the standard of workmanship and quality that they produce, which is continuously monitored to ensure that they are providing the best customer service.

Protection of the Financial Ombudsman

Rest assured all products sold by Go Car Warranty are fully insured and regulated by the FCA.

This means you have rights to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) which will provide compensation in the event an insurer ceases trading or if you need to raise a dispute.

By purchasing an insured car warranty through us, you are safe in the knowledge that our products comply with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules.


All products are FCA regulated

Rest assured all products sold by Go Car Warranty are fully insured and regulated by the FCA.
Key Facts about our insurance services can be found in our initial disclosure document.

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Get insured and Go!

We believe that one of the main benefits of choosing our car warranty company is fast cover. With Go Car Warranty you can get insured and Go!

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